About Us

Here is the deal. We love cars…..all types of cars- but especially clean ones! After noticing a lack of quality carwashes in the Macungie area, the New Wave Wash was conceptualized and built in 2003, opening in June of that year. We chose Northstar Construction to build our wash, and we could not be happier with the result. Their founder, Jim Gentile, helped us design a beautiful, structurally sound wash with large open space bays. After researching many equipment brands, we decided on the Millenium series from Specialty Equipment in Minnesota for our automatic washes. There were none like it in the area, and we were impressed with the equipment and the company. The rolling gantry’s are stainless steel, and have so far lasted the test of time.

We also love pets! During the late design stages, we met the originator of the first vendor of Dog Wash equipment at a national trade show, which was growing in popularity in California and Canada. Since we owned an Afghan Hound at the time, we thought a waist high tub to wash your dog in was a terrific idea. After the show, we immediately instructed the builder to add 10’ onto the south side of our wash to house three dog wash bays. We were the first car wash with dedicated pet wash bays in Pennsylvania.

We are extremely proud of our wash and strive to keep it clean for YOU, our valued customer. What you do not see is underneath the wash. There are three 500 gallon tanks buried that removes sludge before the water is recycled. YES, we recycle our water which is much better for the environment than washing in your driveway. You also cannot see the over a mile of plastic tubing under all of our concrete which flows heated water to prevent ice build up in the winter months.

Thank you for visiting our site- and our wash! If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jed Ruter, our Operations manager for over 8 years, who is dedicated to help you experience the best in Car and Pet care at the New Wave Wash! You can reach him at 610-966-6001.
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